Why do I need a property manager?

In today's environment of legislation and litigation, it is imperative that any property investor be aware of the implications of renting a property without a full working knowledge of all legislative and regulatory requirements that must be met. Many investors who attempt managing their own properties are simply unaware of how much is involved in order to manage their investment effectively and maximise return while also avoiding costly liability.  

There are approximately 20 commonly referenced Acts and Regulations which dictate the daily duties of a property manager and our business is to know these inside and out, so you don't have to! 

Your On Point property manager won't only be a legislative expert, they will also be armed with real industry experience which will allow them to:

  • Effectively market your property by adding special features to our listings that will give your property an advantage over the market 
  • Qualify potential tenants ensuring no stone is left unturned by accessing information databases normally only available to agents
  • Identify and remedy any issues that could potentially put you at risk of liability or financial loss

Our Services


  • Providing accurate market appraisals and recommendations during the pre-listing stage
  • Professional advertising on a number of widely used real estate search platforms including quality photos, floor plans and virtual tours or videos where possible.
  • Arrange and conduct property inspections for potential tenants while 'selling' the benefits of calling your property home
  • Qualifying suitable tenants for your consideration by utilising a number of methods including accessing information databases only available to agents, checking previous rental history and confirming affordability/income and personal references.  
  • Assisting in any preparation required prior to placing a tenant
  • Accurate and detailed preparation and execution of all required tenancy documents in accordance with legislaton
  • Completing regular inspections during  the tenancy, providing detailed reports complete with photos and information on any maintenance and recommendations on how to proceed with required repairs, no matter how big or small
  • Rent arrears management, correction and enforcement 
  • Collecting rent moneys, paying repair invoices and providing regular tax statements in accordance with legislation
  • Navigating the vacate and re-letting process to ensure a seamless transition with minimal vacancy time
  • Ensuring that when tenants vacate, the property is inspected for cleaning and damages, taking into consideration its condition at the beginning of the tenancy and enforcing any required repairs or cleaning is completed to an acceptable standard
  • Liaising with body corporate managers when required 
  • Mediation and negotiation both in-house and through the RTA
  • Attending QCAT (Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal) in the event a court hearing is required
  • Assisting in finding appropriate insurance