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Congratulations, you're approved! Now what?

Once you've been advised your application has been approved you'll be sent an email with important details about what to do next. You'll be required to deposit 2 weeks rent to secure the property and will need to have all parties sign the tenancy agreement.

What happens to my first 2 weeks rent?

It's a common misconception that the 'deposit' payment is held until the end of your tenancy. The first payment you make of 2 weeks rent is receipted directly to your rental ledger and is not stored for use later on. The date you are paid to on all future receipts will include this.

How and when should I report maintenance?

It's important maintenance issues are reported as soon as a problem is noticed. This allows us to advise the land lord and arrange appropriate repairs as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary damage occurring. All maintenance must be reported in writing with your name, address and a description of the issue.

Do I have to clean for routine inspections?

We understand that homes are meant for living in and we respect your right to do so, however it should be noted that regular inspections do include photos that the land lord is entitled to receive. This is so they can see how well the property is being cared for and allows us to show them any maintenance that may require attention. That being the case, it does reflect favourably on the tenancy to present a neat and tidy home and helps prevent potential damage or costly cleaning bills when it comes time to vacate. 

It's time to move again, what do I do next?

If you intend to vacate the property you must give the appropriate required notice in writing. Depending on whether your lease is expiring, or you are looking to break your lease there will be different requirements. Be sure to contact your property manager if you intend on moving so they can guide you through the process. Did you know we can set up your utilities for your new home too? Don't forget to ask us how.

How long does it take to get my bond back?

Once you have vacated and handed the keys back, your property manager will complete a vacate inspection at which time you will be advised if anything further requires attending to. Once the property is returned satisfactorily clean and damage free, taking into account the condition at the beginning of your tenancy, you will either be required to sign a Bond Refund Form if deductions are being made or to supply your bank account details, so we may submit a refund to be paid directly to you. All Bond moneys are held with the RTA and usually take 1-2 business days once a refund request is submitted. 

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